A Hell Ride To Ghost Place-Tamhini Ghat

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I will share a damnation ride to Haunted Place for example Tamhini Ghat. It is a mountain section situated among Mulshi and Tamhini in Maharashtra, India

Pune has a ton to bring to the table for movement addicts. With so numerous excellent places around, it is probably the best city to live in India (at least as I would like to think). Among the numerous excellent spots, Tamhini is certain something not to be missed.

Another day escape, known for its environmental factors, grand cascades and lakes, Tamhini Ghat is an incredible spot to head towards on an end of the week.

How to reach?

The main alternative to arrive at Tamhini is to ride ready. Tamhini is very much associated by street from Pune. The streets through the ghat are not awesome, and in rainstorm they deteriorate yet the view around would make up for the harsh ride.

Barely 60 Kms from downtown area, this makes for an ideal excursion

Leaving promptly in the day permits you to keep away from the city traffic by and large and to have a tranquil ride.

I realize you are interested to know why I called it Ghost Ride. Keep patient and keep on perusing.. 😛

What to see?

The ghat is interfacing the town Mulshi to Tamhini and the whole course is an incredible sight. Take a stop at any of the few cascades tumbling from the Western Ghat mountain ranges along the street and you’ll have an astounding time.

Mulshi Dam

The travel industry to Tamhini Ghat is inadequate without investigating the Mulshi Dam backwaters and encountering the energy of waterway boating. Nature touring is the most astounding and engaging piece of the visit to Tamhini Ghat slope station.

Mulshi Lake while in transit to Tamhini Ghat Mulshi Dam while in transit to Tamhini Ghat

Mulshi Lake on the way to Tamhini Ghat
Mulshi Dam on the way to Tamhini Ghat

Why I called it Ghost Place ?

There is a spot close to the ghat named Kolad where one needs to reach by going over the extension that extends over the stream Kundalika.

We were on the way and our car got puncher & that place was total in remote. Within 6 Km you can’t see any village ,any people where our car was puncher so we were in trouble.

We were searching for somebody who can make this puncher. All of abrupt there was one young lady age close around 23 years of age came and said you will be in a tough situation and you won’t ready to bring now back.

We got apprehensive by her assertion and asked who are you? At that point she said I move around here and I have seen numerous individuals passing on. We began to take a shot at cut and all of unexpected she was vanished.

Because of God. There was one more explorer returning via vehicle and he helped us and by one way or another we had the option to move.

This was our appalling experience and you will have a hard time believing we were not the primary individual who felt this spot as apparition.

check here.


Bhira dam, Kolad

Otherwise called the Tata Power house Dam, it was worked by Tata Power Company in the year 1927. The water of this dam is utilized for irrigational purposes and force age. It is the significant wellspring of water for the Kundalika River which is famous for water boating.

There are many other places to watch also,

Here are some pics which we took during our trip. Check & enjoy.

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