Learn All About Food Delivery App Business Model & Features

Times have truly changed and it’s imperative for any business to quickly adapt to the Mobile Apps to grow Your Business. Let’s learn all About Food Delivery App Development .

The food delivery service has made its presence in more than 600 cities all over India and due to that there are new opportunities for these food delivery apps to make more profits while serving their customers .

Business Models for Food Delivery App

There are generally three types of business model available in On Demand food delivery business.

  1. First Scenario

When you own a restaurant & you wish to hire people to deliver you food to customers. For that, you need to build an app that lists out all the menu items offered by the restaurant, from where customers can ordered with their addresses.

2. Second Scenario

When you don’t own a restaurant but you have serval delivery boys ,so you wish to build a food delivery boy app where multiple food vendors can register. The food items from all these vendors will be displayed in your app, from where customer can order their from favorite restaurant .Then, the delivery person working for you pick up the order form the restaurant and delivers it at the customer’s doorstep.

3. Third Scenario

The third scenario is where you neither own a restaurant nor do you have delivery guys working for you. You just want to develop an app and have multiple food vendors register on it and upload their food menus. The delivery of the orders will be arranged by the restaurants and the food vendors. This is called Saas (Software as a Services) like zomato and swiggy.

Key Features of a Food Delivery App

  • Login/Registration

This process can be made simple via social integration of Facebook, Gmail or by just a single OTP confirmation on the user’s mobile number.

  • Location

Users can also browse the map to select their preferred locations.

  • Homepage

This is the landing page where your customers an see the list of restaurants and their ratings.

  • Search and Filter: Customers can search for restaurants and filter them using food type, price, location, etc.
  • Cart: This displays the list of items ordered by the customer, with their prices mentioned. It has the option to apply a promo code and checkout.
  • Wallet: Customers can add money to the wallet which can be used during payment.
  • Payment: Here, customers an view the amount to be paid for their order, select a payment mode, and confirm it.
  • Order Status: Here, the customer can view the status of the order and can track it using GPS. It also allows the restaurant to keep track of the delivery person.
  • Customer Support: The customer can get assistance regarding their orders or technical issues with the app.
  • Rate/Review: This option is for the customer to give ratings to the restaurant and/or write a review.


The food delivery business is booming in India, with the growing trend of online food ordering. While building a food delivery app, you should keep in mind the expenses and what features you are getting at that price. It is important to do some market research before approaching a developer to make your app.

Here is the list of best companies in India where they can develop the food delivery app in economical cost .

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